Auxiliary is a space 4x that aims to be completely player-driven. New players start in the galaxy on their race's homeworld, and are free to choose their destiny. Joining a faction is recommended to learn how the galaxy works, and a great way to earn a salary. Developed in LOVE2d with Lua, it's optimized to run on older hardware, and is cross platform - Win/OSX/Linux.

Currently in closed Alpha - Version 0.0.44

Night Hunters is a RPG that focuses around creatures of the dark. This is a grown-up version of a classic (pokemon) that is intended for mature audiences. Take the role of your character, and capture the souls of timely classics such as vampires, werewolves, and even mythological creatures. In battle, you can tranform your character by looking through the mirror that the soul is captured. Currently this is very early stages of development and not espected to be released soon. Developed using PICO-8.

Inititally a browser-based party game, a server-less option (possibly going back to the old email turn based games)is being looked into in order to allowed extended games and local games, not requiring lengthy sign-up or verification processes. Join up to 9 of your friends as you attempt to survive day by day in a zombie outbreak. Once you or a party member is infected, they continue to play as a zombie.