Welcome to ASCC!

Alpha Release Has Arrived!

After a lot of revisions, additions, deletions, headache, testing and retesting, Command Centre is released as Alpha!

Now, not to cause any confusion, some of the areas and pages have changed substantially. Command Centre is still the umbrella under which all current and later tools will operate under. Time Centre is a branch of Command Centre that provides quick activity status'. A lot of extra pages were combined into fewer, to allow for easier navigation(like removing "home.php").

Also, some functions that the testers may be used to are either deactivated or were removed. This is not to restrict use, but was seen by some as excessive during testing. If it becomes necessary, they will be reimplemented.

Finally, just because we have reached Alpha, we are in no way "done" building Command Centre. On the contrary, one of the tools that was removed for later implementation, "Alerts," is being reworked to account for the other tools that are now used.

Many thanks to Nathran Kron and Aj'salan, not to mention the countless hours invested by the testers. ASCC Team

Navigation Update

As many of you may have noticed, the "Home" page is no longer operational. This is due to the page being phased out and moved to the other pages to cut down on the navigation required to get around the site.

It's also great to mention that the new update that will take us into Alpha stage is only lacking a few more options, and we can finally let the testers run it solo.

As always, stay tuned, report any bugs, share your thoughts, ASCC Team!

Funding changes and ownership, the new face of OAS, AS Command Centre

Recently, OAS was purchased and is now under the authority of Aj'Salan, of which the lead programmer Sentire is Tizmarat. With this recent change we are hoping to have a quicker development, testing, and release of each update.

Also, the OAS Elite Prize Fighting will be a seperate entity under AS, and will become the 'Ultimate Warrior Alliance,' and were expecting to continue this in the same direction as before.

This has been another newscast from your friends; the, now, ASCC Team!

Improvements and Additions

It's been a while since any news was posted on the development of the site, so thought I would bring everyone up to speed.

As mentioned in the last post some time ago, the OAS Elite Prize Fighting is still in the works, so don't give up hope! But it has been at the bottom of the list as far as what was to be completed. With some ideas from a Commander, the first weapon comparison tool(of many to come) has been fine tuned for use. You can find the link for your convenience in the navigation menu.

There have also been quite a few more options added to the "Home" page that you testers might have noticed. Although it is just a placeholder, it's in the works to keep track of your activity, and yes, Commanding Officers will be able to see your activity if you fall in one of their respective departments.

Along with the activity tracker, "Alerts" is coded, but the layout is still being decided on. This will be where Commanders can post a range of important information from new job openings, to even defense status'.

Everyday we are nearing the alpha launch of OAS, and the further it progresses, the more ideas we receive to make it better as well as make it more functional for any group, government or even a transport group. The next update should come with a release of some of the new features being fully operational.

This has been another newscast from your friends; the OAS Team!

Version 0.4.0 Coming Soon.

With continuing improvements in user functionality, we are proud to announce we are nearing the launch of a few new tools and applications in which will increase your abilities to not only manage your activity logs, but also keep track of jobs and orders.

There has also been mention of a game in the works. If you have been told this, you heard correct. OAS will also be implementing 'OAS Elite Prize Fighting,' which will have credit payouts, items, and even new fighters that you can win. The goal will be to manage a prize fighter, or fighters. Their will be three tiers as of right now for the level of the fighter, with many more to come as we see fit and with increasing activity.

Estimated Release: TBA
Cost: TBA
Prizes: Credits, Items(Trophys & Belts), New Fighters

That is all for right now. We look forward to continued growth in providing excellent personnel management.

Cheers, OAS Team!